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Financial Clarity for Doctors

Be sure to check out our bi-weekly podcast on Spotify, Google Play, Apple, or right here on our website!

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PSLF Overhaul!

Public Service Loan Forgiveness is getting some big changes enabling more borrowers with federal student loans to possibly get past payments to count towards the 120 needed for loan forgiveness.

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Financial Planning Education Library 

Check out our new education Webinars made by our own team of advisors!  Pick a topic that interests you and watch the short clip to learn more..

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Financial Planning Basics For Doctors

Check out Finity’s book! Written by our own Marshall Weintraub, the book covers various topics that relating to developing a financial plan for medical professionals. Click on the link below to learn how you can receive a copy!

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financial advisor for doctors


Delve into topics such as investment strategy, debt management, long term savings, and risk management while viewing our webinar - Financial Strategies for Medical Professionals. This presentation allows you to get an introduction to planning structures at your own pace and at a time that is convenient for you. If you have any questions, please let us know via email – info@thefinitygroup.com.

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Fee Transparency

At Finity Group, we value transparency and want you to know the way in which we may be compensated for the services we offer, and the products we recommend. You have a choice when it comes to seeking financial advice and have every right to understand the fee structure when working with an advisor and how your advisor is compensated. Follow the link below to see a breakdown of our fees for financial planning services

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best financial advisor for doctors

financial advisor for doctors

Financial Education Library

Check out our new digital video library! Easy to follow tutorials on various educational topics; investments, insurance, and debt management. Each video is presented by one of our highly trained advisors, each of which specialize in financial planning for doctors.   

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Welcome to Finity Group, LLC

Finity is more than just a great name, it’s an always present reminder of what we’re in business to do. In every effort, Finity Group serves to provide its clients clear direction and reliable advice for all aspects of their financial world.


Doctors and other medical professionals face unique financial challenges that traditional financial planners may not be familiar with. At Finity Group, we specialize in financial planning for doctors, dentists and other medical professionals.  

There are several factors that will differentiate a physician's financial plan from the average household.  Furthermore, the financial planning doctors implement early in their careers will have a exponential impact on the long term results of their financial situation. As financial advisors for doctors, we are extremely well versed in financial planning for doctors and dentists in all stages of their career. Financial advisors at Finity Group carefully review and monitor the unique challenges you face and coordinate with your CPA and attorney to develop a comprehensive strategy. 

  • For starters, due to the extensive training required, physicians delay starting to save for retirement compared to their peers that finish their undergrad degree and enter the workforce in their early 20's. This usually ends up being a decade late start. The result is that doctors have a need to save a larger percentage of their income relative to mainstream advice.
  • Physicians and dentists will find themselves in the top 5-10% of wage earners, paying higher tax rates, and running into tax challenges with regard to fully realizing credits, claiming deductions, and qualifying for popular tax saving opportunities. Should an individual own or partner in a practice, integrating personal and business taxes presents an additional challenge. A financial advisor for doctors can help you make better decisions and help prevent you from making the same mistakes some of your colleagues may have made navigating these challenging financial decisions.
  • Due to the nature of their occupation, physicians and dentists by default are at greater risk of being named in a frivolous lawsuit. Needless to say, it is of utmost importance that doctors take steps to implement asset protection strategies within the scope of their financial plan.
  • More often than not, doctors finish their training at around the same time they are buying their first house, starting to pay off student loans, getting married, and possibly covering the cost of childcare. Working with an advisor experienced in financial planning for doctors can help you navigate and prioritize these competing financial goals early in your career.

Financial goals, the purpose of those goals, and steps you take to accomplish those goals are different for everyone.  Think of these as your financial plan's what, why, and how.  We believe that by focusing on your financial plan's why (the purpose driving your financial decisions), the what  can be determined, and only then will you arrive at the how.  Financial goals without purpose are highly unlikely to be accomplished.  After we ensure an individual’s financial plan is thoughtfully aligned with their why, financial planners at Finity Group review and monitor your financial progress toward those goals, and hold you accountable along the way.  We give credence to the idea that your financial plan should be designed and formulated with the same care and effort as the credentials one has earned.  

The decision to use or not use a financial advisor is a personal one that comes with thoughtful consideration on a number of levels.  Financial decisions can be complicated, time consuming and emotional. There are studies readily available that aim to quantify the impact of an advisor in terms of creating wealth, demonstrating the positive impact an advisor is likely to provide.  While there is an abundance of information available via the internet, access to an abundance of conflicting financial information usually causes more harm than good to people attempting to develop a DIY financial plan.  The first consideration here is time – how much do you have and how much are you willing to commit to your financial endeavors.  Financial planning, like many things, is comprised of many decisions – evaluating options, prioritizing the use of limited resources, implementing the strategy, monitoring the plan, and repeating this cycle several times over your lifetime as circumstances change.  Working with a financial advisor is not an all-or-nothing decision and successful plans commonly share responsibility between parties [advisor and client].  However, the success of the plan is most likely achieved when the client ignores conflicting advice from friends, family, bloggers, and others who offer up advice without consequence if it ends up being wrong for you.  We understand that some doctors may have more of a knack for financial topics and may even consider themselves a white coat investor.  We also understand that knowledge of these topics does not automatically equate to smart decisions.  Combining all of this with the amount of time you can devote to your plan, your level of interest, and overall personal preference will dictate the scope of services you hire a financial advisor for.       

We welcome the opportunity to be a resource, listen to you, and provide objective financial advice catered to your unique situation.  

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