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Mission & Values

Finity Group’s mission is to be a welcoming place to work, one where the contributions and talents of every member of the team are respected and rewarded. We will continue to remove barriers and equip our advisors in the service of their clients. Finity will remain the preeminent firm for our team to excel by encouraging growth and innovation, while remaining grounded in our core values.

Our Core Values 

Commitment: Finity is a family.  Our advisors and team members look out for one another, and always our clients, with integrity.

Stewardship: We believe in the Fiduciary Standard and we understand that it is our duty and responsibility to approach every client in this manner.

Integrity: We are truthful.  We are principled.  We will always do the right thing, even when no one is looking.

Adaptability: We realize capital markets, and the financial strategies and vehicles that we employ to navigate those waters, will change.  The needs of our clients will evolve.  We must be flexible in our approach, willing to change and progress as needed, and always in the service of our clients.

Listen: In a world that moves this quickly, where information is forced and solutions are offered before questions are even asked, we take time to listen and we seek to understand. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: We believe in the strength of diversity in all forms because inclusion of and respect for people with different backgrounds, experiences, and ideas increases business performance, strengthens workplace culture, and provides the very best client experience.

Teamwork: The individual members of Finity are talented and capable, but for all of our individual abilities we believe that the we can accomplish more together, as a team.

Lead: We will never ask a client or fellow teammate to do something that we have not done or would not be comfortable doing ourselves.  We are prepared.  We have done our homework.  If your name is called, be ready.

Our advisors and team members work tirelessly for the individuals, families and businesses that entrust their financial lives with our firm, Finity Group.  We work so our clients can enjoy life, free from financial worries, inspiring them to successfully navigate an increasingly complicated financial landscape and find solutions for their needs.

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