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Financial Clarity for Doctors Podcast

Hosts Corey Janoff and Rachelle Vanderzanden discuss pertinent financial planning topics affecting doctors, dentists and other medical & healthcare professionals. They address the financial concerns of physicians from the beginning of residency all the way to retirement. Topics include managing medical school loans, retirement savings, investing, achieving financial goals, insurance planning, and much more.  Click on the episodes below to listen and view a more detailed summary. Also available wherever you get your podcasts. New episodes published bi-weekly.

57. Budgeting Tips

In todays episode we will discuss a topic regarding one of the most common requests we get... Budgeting! Many people only consider their ability to meet their fixed expenses and that is what we want to avoid.

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56. Why Are You Invested The Way You Are

In today's episode we want to talk about investing. Specifically, investing towards your specific financial goals. What would most people say if you asked them, "Why are you invested the way you are?"

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55. Financial Plan VS Financial Planning

In today's episode we talk about the difference between having a financial plan and engaging in financial planning. We discuss the initial steps to building a financial plan and the different variables that can change over time.

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54. Little Things Matter

A few episodes ago we talked about big things mattering more than little things. In this episode we will talk about how little things matter, too. Not in the sense that a single Starbucks coffee will impact your life – far from it. Rather, how small micro-actions compounded over time can create big results.

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53. Invest Like A Girl - With Guest Aussie Doc Freedom

In this episode we discuss what female investors do well that we can all learn from, Female role models in investing and how we can make financial literacy more approachable. Featuring a special guest coming all the way from Australia, Aussie Doc Freedom!

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52. Physician Compensation Data

In today's episode we dive into a the latest MGMA Physician income data. In this episode we discuss what specialties make the most, geographic data and how to utilize this data for yourself!

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50. Fifty Nuggets of Financial Freedom

Welcome to another episode of the Financial Clarity for Doctors Podcast. Being that this is the 50th episode of the podcast, we decided to something special. In this episode we break down 50 of our all-time favorite pieces of financial wisdom. Our list is graced by everyone from Warren Buffett to Maya Angelou & Robert Kiyosaki.

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49. Back To Basics Investing 101

In this episode we’re going to spend time talking about the different accounts you can invest in, and what the investments look like inside those accounts. Don’t make the mistake of thinking they are the same thing!

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48. Big Things Matter More Than The Little Things

People tend to focus too much on the little things, such as how much they spend on coffee, or what their portfolio returned last quarter. In reality, the little things don't matter much when it comes to achieving financial goals. It's the big things you should be paying attention to

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