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Financial Clarity for Doctors Podcast

Hosts Corey Janoff and Rachelle Vanderzanden discuss pertinent financial planning topics affecting doctors, dentists and other medical & healthcare professionals. They address the financial concerns of physicians from the beginning of residency all the way to retirement. Topics include managing medical school loans, retirement savings, investing, achieving financial goals, insurance planning, and much more.  Click on the episodes below to listen and view a more detailed summary. Also available wherever you get your podcasts. New episodes published bi-weekly.

8. Home Buying with Rick McDowell

Thinking about buying a home but have no idea where to start? Rick McDowell is here to help! This is something that comes up for a lot of physicians early in their careers, so we wanted to put together an episode with a few tips and tricks.

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5. Finding a Balance

Life is about making memories, and it’s important to find the right balance between your current quality of life and financial security now and in the future.

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3. Retirement Savings Strategies for Doctors

Most physicians get a late start with savings and many don’t want to work until their 60s. If you google “How much should I save for retirement?” You may see suggestions of 10 or 15%, but for many of our clients 20% is a better number to help you achieve your goals.

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2. Student Loan Management for Doctors

Student loans are the specter hanging over many young physicians with an average loan balance of $200,000 when they finish medical school. Rachelle and Corey are here to rehash the details and offer some tips for the different stages of your career!

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