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29. Tax Loss Harvesting

This week on the podcast, Corey and Rachelle dive deep into Tax Loss Harvesting with our special guest and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®), Zach Kill of Finity Group LLC. 

In a perfect world, our investments only appreciate in value and we happily pay taxes on our investment earnings.  As it turns out, the world isn’t perfect and sometimes investments go down in value. While not ideal, this can present an opportunity to save on taxes by “harvesting” those losses. 

In this episode you’ll learn all how to wisely harvest your investment losses to work in your favor to help lower your taxes when applicable. You’ll also learn how to understand capital gains and losses and the tax implications of each. 

For higher income earners, taxes are one of your biggest enemies, so any opportunities to reduce your tax burden can be attractive.  

Tax-loss harvesting does not come without its catches. To properly tax loss harvest you need to stay diligent about how you’re going about it to avoid things like a wash sale, which would negate your tax benefits.

If done correctly, you will maintain your overall investment strategy while reducing your tax burden over time.


This is information only and should not be construed as tax advice. Consult with your licensed tax professional for tax implications pertaining to your specific situation. 

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