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30.How Much Money Do Doctors Need to Retire

Welcome to our 30th episode and one year anniversary of the Financial Clarity for Doctors Podcast!

This week on the podcast, Corey and Rachelle help you better understand how much money doctors need to retire. If you’ve been listening to us for a while now, or have been keeping up on the blog, you might be able to guess today’s question. So, how much money does a doctor need to retire…. It depends! 

There are several factors when considering how much you may need, and everyone’s situation is going to be a little different based on your lifestyle, goals, and family situation. In this podcast, we start by digging into what items you need to consider to understand your baseline expenses and the lifestyle you want to live while in retirement.

Once you understand how much money you need and the age you would like to retire by, we need to plan to get to your goal. Again, the right plan for you is going to depend on your current circumstances and needs.

Tip of the day: Get started early and get going often!

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Thanks again to the Financial Clarity Blog, our amazing clients, and the whole team at The Finity Group.

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