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FREE Live Financial Planning Webinar for New Physicians

Primary Seminar Focus:

  • Prioritizing your financial needs
  • The three methods of diversifying a financial plan

Learning Objectives:

  • Differentiate good debt vs. bad debt and learn how to calculate the cost of borrowing on a debt
  • Identify type of risks you should insure with an insurance policy versus the risks you should self-insure
  • Determine how to match your investments to your time horizons
  • Identify the differences between pre-tax and post-tax retirement plans

To register, click the date that works best for you and register at the corresponding link.  We promise we won't add you to a spam email list.  You will only be contacted regarding this webinar registration.  


To Learn More or Meet With One of Our Financial Advisors, Contact Us Here! 

Can't make it to one of our webinars but still want to learn more? Meet with one of our Financial Advisors for a free consulation. Cost for financial planning services is waived for individual medical professionals who are currently in school, residency, or fellowship.* 

*(read more on our fee transperancy here).