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Every circumstance is unique, and there are countless financial strategies available for meeting and addressing goals. Here you’ll find some of the many areas where the advisors at Finity Group can either help directly, or provide guidance to your financial plan.

Investing Retirement Planning

There are a wide variety of accounts that are designed specifically for meeting retirement income needs. These plans may be offered by an employer or you may need to establish plans on your own. Traditional retirement vehicles carry tax incentives as well. Each account has specific rules for contributions and restrictions associated with distributions. Common accounts include:

  • Roth IRA
  • Traditional/Rollover IRA
  • 401k
  • 403b
  • 401a
  • 457
  • Profit Share
  • Simple IRA
  • Pension Plans
  • Inherited IRA

Advisors at Finity Group can help you understand and best utilize the plans available through your employer, or establish a plan for your practice or small business. Our advisors can also help navigate the decision to rollover or transfer retirement accounts. If you would like to discuss establishing an account or review your current portfolio, please visit us here.

Insurance Planning
Debt Management

For most individuals, contending with some sort of debt will be an inevitable part of life. Although often looked upon with a negative connotation, not all debt is created equal and management of one’s liabilities becomes a significant part of a financial plan. The advisors at Finity Group can help evaluate, prioritize, and address debts within a financial plan, including the following common obligations.

Student Loans – Your employment and career goals will be a major determinant in the approach you will take in the repayment of student loans. There are many options; conventional, income based plans or pay as you earn, as well as private consolidation, to name a few. Advisors at Finity Group will not help consolidate your student loans, but can help evaluate the most appropriate strategy for repayment.

Home Purchase Evaluation – For many the dream of owning a home is a central financial goal, one that needs to be evaluated alongside other financial priorities. Advisors at Finity Group cannot secure financing, but can take an objective view in helping to determine how much home you can afford without limiting other financial objectives. Advisors will help determine appropriate down-payment levels, evaluate rates, and the true cost of a mortgage, as well as current lending options available in the market.

Practice Acquisition or Practice Start-Up – Commercial lending differs in many ways from securing a mortgage for a home. There are additional bank requirements and planning tools that will be necessary to consider during this process.

Consumer, Auto and Personal Loans – Should you have consumer debts or find yourself in the market for a new vehicle, it’s important to evaluate how these payments will impact your overall financial plan.

The advisors at Finity Group can assist you in understanding the role that debt plays in your financial strategy. This can include leveraging debt in an appropriate manner, while also taking care to repay obligations by the most timely and efficient method.

Should you like us to help you evaluate your debt package please contact us here.

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