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Insurance Planning

Insulating your plan from undue risk is a necessary step in the financial planning process. Below you’ll find a selection of insurances that may be appropriate to consider for your personal situation.

Life Insurance – Provides liquidity in the event of a premature death, affording the beneficiary resources to meet obligations. For families this may help cover a mortgage, replace a portion of income or create educational resources for a child. For a business a life insurance policy may cover a bank obligation or ensure that ownership can be retained by the surviving partner. A properly structured life policy may also assist in estate planning, address the needs of a child with special needs, or even serve as a tax-shelter.

Disability Insurance – Regular ongoing income is necessary for the success of any financial plan. Disability insurance coverage is easily the most important feature in a well-developed financial plan as it serves to replace income should you be unable to work. Offered in a variety of forms, though we prefer a more comprehensive policy with an own occupation definition.

Long-Term Care – An asset preservation policy designed to help limit spending down retirement or personal assets in the event care is needed later in life. Policies may help address the cost of in-home, specialized, or facility-based care.

Health/Medical – Serves to address health care related expenses and needs. Employer sponsored plans typically offer a few options, from comprehensive to catastrophic, depending on needs. There are a variety of plans available for individuals and small business owners.

Property & Casualty – Coverage for your residence, car, or personal possessions.

Umbrella/Liability – Used in conjunction with home and auto coverage, it provides an additional degree of protection should such coverages become exhausted. Often, this coverage goes overlooked, yet it can provide an inexpensive enhancement to your asset protection strategy.

Malpractice – As a medical professional it’s imperative you own comprehensive coverage. Reviewing coverage to understand the scope of your protection is an important part of the planning process.

Should you be an owner or partner in a business there may be additional strategies such as buy-sell arrangements, policy collateralization, or key-person arrangements that may be of benefit.

Our independent financial advisors can help you review your current insurance planning needs.  We are not affiliated with any insurance companies and can help our clients shop the marketplace to find the insurance products most suitable for their unique situations.  To review your insurance needs with one of our financial advisors, please fill out the information below.